Active Investment Management

Active Investment Management Process
A top-down approach to Investing

Atlanta Wealth Consultants follows an active strategy which follows a growth-oriented investment management process. The process seeks to identify fundamentally strong markets, sectors and companies using a top-down approach to capitalize on intermediate and long-term market momentum.

The growth-oriented investment philosophy is simple, while the process is much more complex. Using a top down process and intermarket analysis, we know what the market is doing. In contrast, a pure fundamental analysis only tells us what a market should be doing.

Our top-down process focuses on rising asset values and seeks to rebalance asset allocation in favor of the current environment. Depending on the investment objective of the client, we may convert part or all of a security to cash or cash equivalents.

Our strategies may use some or all of asset classes listed below.

  • Domestic Stocks and ETF’s
  • Foreign Stocks and ETF’s
  • Commodities ETFs and Commodity Stocks
  • Public Traded REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) and ETF’s
  • Foreign Currency ETF’s or Bond Funds.
  • Domestic Bonds and ETF’s
  • Cash
  • Reverse ETFs

An investment could lose money over short or even long periods. You should expect account values and securities to fluctuate within a wide range. Below are types of risk associated with investing.

Stock Market Risk
Sector Risk
Nondiversification Risk
Investment Style Risk
Individual Company and Individual Industry Risk
Interest Rate Risk
Currency Risk
Foreign Stock Market Risk
Commodity Price Risk
Default Risk

A top down approach may or not follow Modern Portfolio Theory. For accounts that wish to follow Modern Portfolio Theory, our passive strategy may be more appropriate.