Retiring? Saving for retirement? Here’s some good news. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Are 90% of articles written about retirement pessimistic? Sometimes it seems that way. Repeatedly, we are reminded that most baby boomers haven’t saved enough for the future. There’s no denying this, but the media is giving short shrift to other, more positive […]

Roth & traditional IRAs won’t get 2015 COLAs, but other plans will. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU A little inflation means a little adjustment. As the Consumer Price Index is up 1.7% over the last 12 months, the federal government is giving Social Security benefits a 1.7% boost for 2015 and lifting annual contribution limits […]

The year is coming to a close. Have you thought about these financial ideas yet? Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU As every calendar year ends, the window slowly closes on a set of financial opportunities. Here are several you might want to explore before 2015 arrives. Don’t forget that IRA RMD. If you own one […]

It isn’t always top of mind, but it should be. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU How many of us save and invest with an eye on tax implications? Not that many of us, according to a recent survey from Russell Investments (the global asset manager overseeing the Russell 2000). In the opening quarter of 2014, […]

Some not-so-small matters to think about. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU When you tie the knot, your financial lives will change. Marriage is one of those life events that can really affect your money and tax situation. If you are about to wed, here are a couple of things you’ll want to consider when it […]

Agreeing about what you want from retirement is crucial. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU What does a good retirement look like to you? Does it resemble the retirement that your spouse or partner has in mind? It is at least roughly similar? The Social Security Commission currently projects an average retirement of 19 years for […]

They are no longer exempt from creditors & bankruptcy proceedings. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU A SCOTUS ruling raises eyebrows. On June 12, 2014, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that assets held within inherited IRAs by non-spousal beneficiaries do not legally constitute “retirement funds.” Therefore, those assets are not protected from creditors under federal bankruptcy […]

Six signs that you are in good shape. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU How well off do you think you are financially? If your career or life takes an unexpected turn, would your finances hold up? What do you think will become of the money you’ve made and saved when you are gone? These are […]

Certain misconceptions ignore the realities of retirement. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Generalizations about money & retirement linger. Some have been around for decades, and some new clichés have recently joined their ranks. Let’s examine a few. “When I’m retired, I won’t really have to invest anymore.” Many people see retirement as an end instead […]

Does sticking with the same firm actually hurt your financial potential? Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU If you spend two years or less at a series of jobs, is that a problem? Shouldn’t your resume signal loyalty instead of transience? Well, maybe it isn’t a problem. Maybe you are doing yourself a financial favor instead, […]