These accounts make a good “first step” in retirement saving. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Sooner or later, people decide to start saving and investing for retirement. When that starting point arrives, taking that “first step” can seem like a big deal. Opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) amounts to an easy “first step” in […]

What steps could you take to catch up? Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU If life has not allowed you to build substantial retirement savings, what can you do to improve your retirement prospects? Here are some suggestions. Play catch-up. If at all possible, take advantage of the catch-up contributions the IRS allows you to make […]

It might be better to wait a bit longer. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Some people retire at first opportunity, only to wish they had waited longer. Thanks to Wall Street’s long bull run, many pre-retirees have seen their savings fully recover from the shock of the 2007-09 bear market to the point where they […]

Working a little (or a lot) after 60 may become the norm. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Do we really want to retire at 65? Not according to the latest annual retirement survey from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies which gauges the outlook of American workers. It found that 51% of us plan to […]

Have you addressed this issue? Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Social media and email accounts. Creative works, photos and keepsakes kept on home computers, the cloud or external storage drives. E-commerce accounts. Domain names. Bitcoin. These are all examples of digital assets. You will manage them closely as long as you live – but what […]

Some baby boomers are supporting their “boomerang” children. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Are you providing some financial support to your adult children? Has that hurt your retirement prospects? It seems that the wealthier you are, the greater your chances of lending a helping hand to your kids. Pew Research Center data compiled in late […]

U.S. equities face their biggest test of 2015. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU June definitely ended with some drama. When Greek government officials told Reuters Monday that the nation could not make its €1.5 billion loan repayment to the International Monetary Fund on June 30, the Dow plunged 350.33, the S&P 500 43.85 and the […]

Key lessons for retirement savers. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU You learn lessons as you invest in pursuit of long-run goals. Some of these lessons are conveyed and reinforced when you begin saving for retirement, and others you glean along the way. First & foremost, you learn to shut out much of the “noise.” News […]

Cybercrime has reached a new level. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Imagine cybercriminals holding your files for ransom. It sounds like something out of a movie set in the distant future, but business owners and households are facing such a threat today. Hackers are now using ransomware to hijack computers and hold files hostage in […]

Some debts are worth assuming, but others exert a drag on retirement saving. Provided by Peter Miralles, CFP®CIMA®CLU Who will retire with substantial debt? It seems many baby boomers will – too many. In a 2014 Employee Benefit Research Institute survey, 44% of boomers reported that they were concerned about the size of their household […]